Friday, 25 February 2011

Beehive Bedlam.

Had a spare 5 minutes so thought I'd have a go at back combing the barnet. Rather successful I reckon for a quick fix. 

Not up to Dusty standards just yet but hey I'm still a novice.

One day I hope to look as fab as this lady! All hail Dusty Queen of the Beehive.


  1. Tease and spray and tease and spray and tease and spray - it's like exercise except not!

    Remember to keep a section of hair separate to smooth over the top of your hive. And well done - it's gorgeous! I do ADORE Dusty!

    Sarah xxx

  2. looks great! i wish i could do that with my hair!

  3. gorgeous hairdo! well done.

  4. Hi there-it does look a great job done! love your bags find in the previous post, I always like hunting a bargain first and then lunch later, lol! x

  5. It looks great. WEll done you! And you're right, Dusty is fabulous, love her!

  6. looks fab!
    Dusty has great ass hair.
    thanks for visiting my humble blog.

  7. Great job, love! Dusty would be so proud! xxx
    PS I'm new to sewing, it's not as hard as it looks, honest!

  8. I forgot to mention Grace Slick from Jefferson Airplane.Great style!

  9. your hair looks gorgeous. I love it,

    am following you, I hope you can also follow me.