Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Recent Bargains.

Thought I'd post a few pics of my recent buys. Please excuse the fact I've taken the pics in my mirror and the fact my mirror has a sticker mark on it. My granddad has a second hand/antique shop and insists on using these stickers that don't come off until you soak and scrub them. Suffice to say I haven't got round to it yet. But hey I can't complain I get lots of antique furniture and bric a brac for free. 

Fab 1970s maxi dress. RSPCA £2.99! I feel like Mildred Roper in it!

60s style topshop dress 99p eBay. I'm going to a 60s night on Friday and I reckon I'll wear this little beauty!

I went to a wedding last week and wore this 70s style jumpsuit. £17 on aBay but I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and I accessorised with a 70s floppy hat. I looked like a young Margo Leadbetter. Obvoiusly wore a top underneath as its March and freezing!

Got this 70s style Dorothy Perkins maxi dress for the summer. £5 from Cancer Research. 

My mum works in my granddads shop and she puts aside a few bits she thinks I'd like. She looks at something and if she hates it and thinks it's old tat then I'm sure to like it. Went in on Thursday and this little lady was waiting for me. I fell in love with this picture as soon as I saw it. It now has pride of place next to Twiggy on my bedroom wall.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Beehive Bedlam.

Had a spare 5 minutes so thought I'd have a go at back combing the barnet. Rather successful I reckon for a quick fix. 

Not up to Dusty standards just yet but hey I'm still a novice.

One day I hope to look as fab as this lady! All hail Dusty Queen of the Beehive.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Charity Shopping for Lunch....

So instead of eating lunch today I decided my time would be better spent scouring the local charity shops our small town has to offer. First up RSPCA by far the best for handbags. I got a black mock snakeskin clutch and a fab dark green 80s style clutch for a grand total of £6. Next up was Scope where I picked up this lovely brown leather shoulder bag for £4.00. It smells a tad musty but a dryer sheet will sort that right out. I was cutting it a bit fine to get back to work but couldn't resist a browse of the charity shop on the way back where everything is £1! I got a retro looking pair of brown pinstripe wide leg trousers which I'll show off in another post.

 I need to start ebaying some of my clothes. My wardrobe is overflowing at the moment. But every time I go on ebay to list items I end up falling in love with more vintage goodies. Last night was typical of this, went on to research a few items and ended up bidding on a coat, a dress and another bag! I managed to get a Laura Ashley silk pussybow blouse for £1.24. I couldn't believe no one else was bidding. Very much looking forward to receiving that parcel. 

Right I'm off to wash my barnet and definitely not peruse ebay!

Kellywelly xx